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Patio Door Locks

Patio door locks are the most reliable method of protecting your sliding door or French door. These locks can sometimes be mounted on the top of your door, between the stationary and sliding glass panels. Other locks can be placed at the foot of the door or above the handles. These locks supplement the standard door hardware and will make your home much more secure and safe. Both the inside and the outside of the door are not able to be jimmied as long as the locks are installed properly. 

Many typical causes of sliding door failure, such as settling, wood expansion, and poor installation, lead people to believe that they need a new lock. Replacement of the patio door lock will not cure the underlying problem if any of the aforementioned three factors are to blame for the malfunctioning lock. It's also possible that the handles on your patio door are worn out rather than the lock, in which case you won't require a new or improved patio door lock, as you’ll only need to buy new handles.

The replacement locks that you buy for your patio doors must be a perfect fit if you do not plan to replace the doors. Consider the numerous ways in which a new lock might increase the security of the door before you spend money to change the lock on your patio door. The first step in replacing the locks on a patio door is to find new locks that are the right size and suit the doors. Remember that it is essential to follow the instructions that come with the lock so that the device is firmly and accurately applied to your patio doors.

Installing patio doors is a great way to make your home look much nicer and more natural. The whole weight of the sliding panel is carried by the track, making sliding glass doors incredibly user-friendly and requiring nothing more than a light push to move. A rectangular framed glass panel acts as the actual sliding door. The panel is mounted on rollers and slidable along a set track parallel to a stationary surrounding glass wall. Besides the easy access, another positive of sliding glass doors is that they take up hardly any floor space when opened. This makes them a great choice for homes that do not have a lot of excess space.

A French door, also known as a double door, is a type of exterior door that consists of a frame around two or more glass panels that can be set up side by side or in a row. French doors usually have weather stripping installed at the bottom where the doors meet to keep water out. French doors swing open the whole width of an opening, whereas sliding doors are limited to sliding to the left or right as far as their frames will allow. This makes French doors take up more space when they’re open. Whether you choose a sliding glass door or a French door, you’ll need some type of patio door lock to ensure that your home is safe.

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