10 pack Standard Adams Rite Cam for Mortise Lock Cylinders, Locksmith



10 Pack Adams Rite Cam for Standard Mortise Lock Cylinders

The term, mortise, is used to describe a cutout that is sized and shaped to receive an identical insert. Mortise cylinders feature an externally threaded body. Bolts and stems that extend into the door are distinctive features of rim cylinders. Rim cylinders also have their lock bodies on the outside of the door, while mortise locks have them within. These differences aren't always so clear-cut, but they should help you narrow down your cylinder options. The mortise cylinder's lock body is the most distinctive feature. The device's cylindrical exterior will be threaded, much like a screw's threads. Adams Rite is a dependable brand for Mortise Lock Cylinders, as all of its products are made at a very high quality.