Adams Rite 4431 Sliding Glass Door Handle Set Keyed,Flush Lock Set 1" - 1 5/16"

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Adams Rite

Adams Rite 4431-09-00-01-IB Flush Lockset, Radius Lock Face, 1" to 1-5/16" Stile Thickness, Keyed Different, Individually Boxed W/ Cylinder, Black Satin

Adams Rite 4431-09-00-01-IB Flush Lockset for sliding doors, Radius Lock Face, 1" to 1-5/16" Stile Thickness, Keyed Different, Individually Boxed With Cylinder  - Black Satin Finish

Outside Operation: Key in, five-pin cylinder with Schlage “C” keyway, projects or retracts bolt.


Similar in function and nearly identical in size to the all-metal 4190 Flush Locksets, these economical units feature escutcheons molded of sturdy ABS resin. The black satin finish of the 4431 lends elegance to aluminum door stiles. Not recommended for wood doors.


operated from inside by a simple up or down movement of a slide button, set flush in the deeply recessed finger pull. The lock mechanism (latching action unavailable) is the time-tested and field-proven Adams Rite MS1848 and features the adjustable, self-protecting bolt.


Inside Operation: Vertical slide button projects or retracts deadlock bolt.

Backset: Variable, minimum: 5/8”, maximum: 1-9/32” (from face to lock to escutcheon and cylinder centerline).

Stile Thickness: 1” to 1-5/16”.

Stile Depth: Minimum clear depth: Backset plus 9/16”.

Anti-Lift Lock Mechanism: Basic MS 1848-09 (radius ends)  is supplied. Stainless steel bolt is self-protecting, adjustable for reach.

Escutcheons: Molded ABS resin plastic. Black Satin finish. Deeply recessed finger pull on both sides. Fits same cutout as metal 4190 Flush Locksets.