Andersen Frenchwood Active Panel 3-Point Lock Multipoint Lock FWH68 Door- Stainless Steel (1988 to present)


Andersen Locks

Andersen ACTIVE 3- Point Lock Mechanism

Frenchwood Hinged Patio Door with locking hooks at top and bottom 
Made of Stainless Steel 
This 3-point lock fits Andersen 6 foot 8 inch tall Frenchwood Hinged Doors built from 1988 - present.

Overall Length: 76-13/32 inch 
Faceplate Width: 7/8 Inch. 
Backset: 2 inch
Handle Spacing (PZ): 4-3/16
Center of Deadbolt to Center of Spring latch: 1-3/8 inch
Handle Height: 36-1/8 inch
Bottom Hook Location: 31-1/8 Inches (center of handle to center of hook)
Top Hook Location: 35-1/2 inches - (center of Handle to center of hook)

Note: Andersen Frenchwood hinged doors have 4 heights;
6-8  door panel = 76-7/16 
6-11 door panel = 79-3/8
7-6  door panel = 86-7/16 (special order)
8-0  door panel = 93-1/2  (special order)

Most Andersen patio door locks have a 7 digit part number on the face plate (this one is 2579771)


This Andersen patio door lock is interchangeable with the older zinc dichromate (gold colored) Active Models.

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Tim Gunsalus
Triple lock patio door

Issues if you use door quit often. Im ordering my third assembly of a home that is 12 years old