Atrium Door Lock Replacement Exact Replacement For Atrium Doors

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Heavy duty mortise lock-set made for a wood hinged Atrium patio door. Fits doors from 1-3/8" to 1-7/8" thick. Forged solid brass with polished brass finish; lock chassis is high pressure cast; latch face, mortise cylinder, escutcheons, and levers are all of solid brass.
Handles and latch bolt are reversible. Key operated from outside for entry and inside thumb turn for locking and unlocking.
1-3/4" narrow stile backset. Face plates measure 1-3/16" x 8-1/4". 4-1/2" lever handles.
Spindle and installation screws are included with this set.

Customer Reviews

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Ray Muth
Great fit!

It was pertect!

Perfect match to existing old lock

Old lock bound-up, so I wrenched it unlocked and got it out of there. This is a perfect match to the corner trim details and practically indistinguishable from the old one. I don't know if the old one was from the 1980s or 2000s, but a stamp suggested 1980s.

James Holmes

This lock can not be found anywhere in Ohio. These guys came through!!

a. l.
atrium door lock

Good solid door lock. Fit very well, exept bushings were tight. I could have probably made them fit, but the old ones fit.
The handle is very solid, but not as graceful as the original. All in all, works great.

Tom Skinner
Almost exact fit

Everything was perfect except the bushing on the handles. Didn't fit. I went without them. Other then that everything was perfect.