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Buying in Bulk? Call 631-561-5006 for Wholesale!

INTERNATIONAL Lever Handle and Cam Plug Will Fit Adams Rite Glass Door Lock

Original price $34.99 - Original price $34.99
Original price
$34.99 - $34.99
Current price $34.99

International Aluminum Storefront Door Lever Handle

For use with DL-4510 type Latch Lock. Complete with field cam plug

Door levers are easier to use than doorknobs, especially for the elderly, because they provide greater grip. If you can't open the door with your hands because they are full, just use your elbow. Levers have been gradually included in contemporary interior design in recent years due to their simplicity and ease of use. Outside doors, such as front and patio doors, often have them now. Compared to door knobs, door levers are designed to require much less physical strength and dexterity. Backplate alternatives for door levers range from circular roses to extended backplates, each of which can serve a different purpose. If you put the door lever on a longer plate, you may use it as a keyhole and as a turn-and-release for the door, eliminating the need to buy two different accessories.

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