Papaiz Storm Door Lock Replacement



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 Papaiz Lock Set  Entry storm door lock

Double latch deadbolt with 5/8 throw, solid brass five pin cylinder with 2 keys. 
The Papaiz MZ- 35 lever design is a thin style lever design as seen in the photo

Backset 7/8"

Face Plate 7-3/4" Long 3/4" Wide

Customer Reviews

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Tammy Chandler

Papaiz Storm Door Lock Replacement

Ivan G

Evidently a spring was broken in our old handle, because it would drop down and not lock, unless it was pulled up. After a lot of research, I decided this was the correct Door Lock. For the most part, the parts fit. The face plate holes did not align with the holes in the door. I had to carefully drill holes to fit the plates on each side of the storm door. There was barely enough room to drill a hole. Also, the plates were squared off, mine had 3 round points on the ends. The new strike plate holes did hot align with the door frame holes, so I had to replace the old strike plate. The new door lock works well, however, you can see where tho old faseplates were.

Renee Weary
Love it

It fits my door and works well. Thank you

Greg Hunsaker
Papaiz hardware

Worked as anticipated. Easy replacement and fast shipping, In my case, showed up 3 days earlier than expected.

Valencia M Wood
In the nick of time

It was truly God sent to have found your company. My parents bought the house I live now which had the same lock on it from 1997. I was so devastated thinking how will I get this lock fixed, but God showed me what to look for. I am truly grateful that your company is still around. You saved me thousands of dollars by continuingly being in business. God bless you and may an abundant of blessings come your way.