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Detex Door Alarm

Detex Door Alarm

Detex Corporation is a premier manufacturer and distributor of goods that guarantee their clients' goals for life safety and security as well as the protection of people and property. In their global markets, they work to maximize consumer value while generating the maximum potential return for their other stakeholders. Detex has amassed the trust of architects and owners who depend on Detex products for the safety and security of people and property for more than a century. Detex, a US corporation, operates out of New Braunfels, Texas, and creates, produces, distributes, and ships products all over the world. Detex is well-known throughout the world for its integrated door security systems, guard tour verification, loss prevention, and architectural hardware, as well as life safety and security door hardware.

Detex has worked to create products whose performance can be depended upon for many years. By creating products that are engineered for heavy usage and abuse, they have accomplished this amazing feat of engineering in the alarm system industry. They understand that high-quality items demand high-quality support. Locksmiths, architects, maintenance managers, contractors, and anyone else who cares about high-end products that work around their products are the people they listen to and collaborate with, which enables them to introduce new products. They also can make creative changes to existing products to meet the rising demands for life safety and security in the modern world. They are pleased to recognize the contributions made by devoted and enthusiastic employees in the fields of sales, general management, engineering, manufacturing, and services. It is notable because many of the company's employees have worked there for 30 years or longer. This continuity of effort through time has propelled Detex to the top of the security sector today. Detex exit door alarm devices can be found in a variety of settings, including offices, restaurants, airports, schools, and hospitals. They are robust and have the most electrical features and capabilities to keep the building safe. The only major manufacturer and supplier of special exit alarms created to ensure restaurant management that delivery and trash doors are never left unattended are Detex Corporation.

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