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High-Security Deadbolts

The Best High-Security Deadbolts

Door locks designed to withstand physical force are known as deadbolts, and they are a typical fixture on exterior doors. In North America, deadbolts are standard, and most doors already have holes drilled for them. However, some extremely ancient doors may not have the necessary holes. Since knobs and levers offer little protection against force, you should install deadbolts on all doors that face the outside.

High-security deadbolts are a great option for businesses that have to guard large sums of assets within their brick-and-mortar stores. This is not the case with residential homes, though. Installing a high-security lock is a prudent move in many situations. This is because many brick-and-mortar stores have expensive cash on hand and stock, and commercial facilities in general are designed with more stringent safety measures (tempered glass, commercial metal doors, fewer windows, etc).


Mul-T-Lock Deadbolts

Brands of locks such as Mul-t-lock might be somewhat pricey, but they offer excellent resistance to drilling and sawing. The intricacy of the tumbler is also taken into account by Mul-t-lock. There is less of a probability of a break-in occurring if your lock is complex. Mul-T-locks are a great choice for both commercial and residential uses. While the Mul-T-Lock Deadbolt was designed with home security in mind, its versatility makes it suitable for use in a variety of business settings. However, despite its affordability and robust security features, its primary market remains the home. That lock is only a Grade 2 quality item. Yet it still provides a high level of safety. The cylinder can't be drilled, and the pin is made of hardened steel. A duplicate key card is included for use when having replacement keys produced by a locksmith.

The newest deadbolt from Mul-T-Lock makes use of the company's patent-pending MT5+ mechanical key technology. Prior to this, their primary platform, the MT5, was only accessible in Europe (and without the plus). The MT5+, with its new sidebar locking system, has just been introduced in North America. The UL437 certification ensures the cylinder cannot be picked or drilled. The lock's keycard can be duplicated by a professional locksmith with the owner's permission.

A patented Alpha Spring at the key's end, which interacts with a pin in the keyway's rear, adds an extra layer of protection. It contains a Mul-T-Lock key card, which can only be copied by a certified Mul-T-Lock resell all bearings at the end of the bolt condense the frame's box, making it more resistant to jimmying.


Medeco Deadbolts

The best home lock on the market is the Medeco high-security model. This lock is distinguished from other high-security deadbolts by its anti-tampering features. The Medeco lock was first made for institutional and government buildings before being adapted for home usage. 
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