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Types of Patio Door Locks

The Best Types of Patio Door Locks


Locking your patio door securely is a must. There is a huge array of possibilities to consider when shopping for locks for your house or company. Numerous variables related to safety should be thought about prior to purchasing a lock. A decision on how to secure your patio doors from intruders is a crucial step in ensuring that you may enjoy these lovely additions to your home without fear of theft. The good news is that there are several simple measures one may take to ensure the security of one's dwelling because of all the different types of patio door locks

The only common sort of lock that isn't always tied to something else is a padlock. One of the most ubiquitous lock kinds, padlocks can be found in a variety of sizes, can stand on their own, and can be carried with relative ease. The padlock's shoulders protrude outward, lifting the shackle's sides, making it much more difficult to cut using bolt cutters. A padlock's shackle may be concealed. Padlocks can be either combination locks or key locks. Locks that use a combination consisting of one or more digit dials that can be turned to reveal the lock's secret key. A wide variety of choices exist for padlocks that use keys. Padlocks can be rekeyed or not, depending on your needs. 

When compared to padlocks, deadbolts offer greater customization choices and are hence the standard for outside doors. The three most common types of deadbolts are single-cylinder, double-cylinder, and thumb turn with lock. In the United States, the standard deadbolt is a single-cylinder kind. But for additional security, a double-cylinder deadbolt has key cylinders on both the inside and the outside of the door. Combining features from both single and double deadbolts, a lockable thumb turn offers the best of both worlds. This lock style is the best of its kind since it allows for utmost adaptability and safety. Deadbolts are one of the best types of patio door locks.

In addition to deadbolts, knob locks are a common sight on residential exterior doors. In fact, they are sometimes the only kind of lock protection. With that being said, knob locks are not always a sufficient security measure for exterior doors. The cylinder is located in the knob, not the door, making them susceptible to being broken off with a hammer or manipulated with pliers or a wrench. Lever handle locks are also common on interior doors in business buildings. Their big push-down handle makes them simpler to operate than knob locks, which need a firm grip and rotation of the knob.

Locks with a rim cylinder or a mortise cylinder are used on business and apartment buildings' entry glass doors and certain apartment dwellings' interior doors. While rim locks and mortise locks are both used to secure doors, the hardware they are installed in is extremely different. A rim cylinder lock is typically seen in an inside-mounted rim latch lock. Two screws, one from the inside and one from the outside, secure the rim lock to the rim cylinder from the back. Mortise cylinder locks, on the other hand, are threaded and screwed into mortise hardware that is installed within the door. They have a set screw for stability and a cam to activate the locking mechanism. Depending on the specific mortise hardware, mortise cylinders are available in a number of lengths, and the cams can be adjusted in a wide range of ways. Now that you are more educated on the various types of patio door locks, visit our online store to purchase one for your home.

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