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Locksets manufactured by Mul-T-Lock provide superior protection for both business and residential entrances. Our Locksets are produced using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and superior components throughout the whole process.

In a matter of seconds, using only a few readily available online tools, conventional lock hardware can be opened. Criminals can easily break into homes and businesses using the techniques shown in videos posted on YouTube. Adding high-security Mul-T-Lock cylinders to your doors will make them far more resistant to bumping, picking, and other forms of forced entry. Simply replacing the cylinder of your existing lock with a Mul-T-Lock cylinder is a simple task for "A" Locksmith. This inexpensive measure serves as an important initial line of protection against intruders.

Untrustworthy businesses can duplicate a standard key from a photograph. A photograph of your key will not allow anyone to duplicate it as a standard key would. Keys for Mul-T-Lock locks can only be made by authorized Mul-T-Lock dealers with a valid Key Order Card. 

The best security can be found in Mul-T-Lock deadbolts and cylinders. They use unique technology and are made from hardened steel to provide the highest level of protection against picking, drilling, and prying. Be at ease; nobody can enter your home without the key.

Mul-T-Lock Padlocks

The extensive collection of padlocks offered by Mul-T-Lock is designed to accommodate a broad range of business applications. The technology that is covered by patents may be found in many of these Padlocks. This technology offers sophisticated key copy control, increased intrusion prevention, and resistance to various types of lock manipulation. Mul-T-Lock produces one of the best quality Hockey Puck Padlocks in the industry.