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Buying in Bulk? Call 631-561-5006 for Wholesale!

Actuador de bloqueo en forma de cruz para puerta con bisagras de madera francesa Se adapta a puertas Andersen

por CS Lock

Oferta Oferta
Precio original $24.99
Precio original $24.99 - Precio original $24.99
Precio original $24.99
Precio actual $8.99
$8.99 - $8.99
Precio actual $8.99
  • Se usa en puertas de patio con bisagras y abatibles hacia afuera de Andersen Frenchwood y puertas de patio con bisagras interiores serie 200.
  • Se mantiene en su lugar con una placa limitadora y dos tornillos.
  • Esta parte activa el bloqueo de giro del pulgar.
  • Si el giro del pulgar gira, es probable que este sea el componente que deba ser reemplazado.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Errol Lank
The good, Bad, and the ugly

Good: Product is the exact thing that I needed.

Bad: Shipping charges were in excess of what I believe they should have
been but necessary because of the need for the product.

Ugly: It took 10 days to get the lock actuator so that I could lock the door.
( this quality of service should be unacceptable by your management)

Paul Wiesner
Great price and delivery but questionable quality and origin

I was really happy finding this problem Anderson hardware for a much better price and for a shorter delivery time. This is the second time I have replaced this and have spoken to Anderson regarding the cheap powdered metal assembly pieces that keep breaking to no avail. Anyway, regarding Countryside locks and their hardware; The part I received was plated a different color and was maybe .100" shorter than the part i replaced which came directly from Anderson. It also had some wiggle where the shaft is assembled into the cross piece. That is why I am giving a 3 star rating as I don't have much confidence that it will last very long.

Scott Bishel

Received the order. Thanks

Joseph Capobianco

Lock Actuator Cross-Shaped For Frenchwood hinged Door Fits Andersen Doors

Lee Scammel
Anderson lock

Worked great

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