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Buying in Bulk? Call 631-561-5006 for Wholesale!

ENGRANAJE HOPPE 16MM MANUAL 45/92, LENGUA A 24.41 ", 1" D / B, 36 "HH


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Precio original $229.99
Precio original $229.99 - Precio original $229.99
Precio original $229.99
Precio actual $174.99
$174.99 - $174.99
Precio actual $174.99
Cerradura multipunto HOPPE HLS9000 Engranaje manual, 90057 Versión de lengüeta para puerta activa.

Ancho de la placa frontal: .63 pulgadas (16 mm),
Contrafuerte de 1.75 pulgadas (45 mm),
tiro del cerrojo: 1,00 pulgadas. (25,4 mm)
Altura del mango: 36,00 pulgadas (914 mm),
Posición de la lengüeta inferior: 24,41 pulgadas (620 mm)
Máximo Corte: 6,30 pulgadas (160 mm)
Orificios para tornillos: 6

Usado por Peachtree y otros
Versión: Lengua, Dispositivo de bloqueo horizontal entre la manija y la parte inferior de la puerta
Función: Bloqueo manual, levante la manija para bloquear Lengüeta
Incluye: Como se muestra, solo ensamblaje inferior, no incluye adicionales extensiones u otros componentes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Exact fit, no issues but a little info would help

This lock was an exact replacement for the lock in my Peachtree door - Peachtree having gone out of business. It was a simple job to replace the old lock. The only issue I had was that the latch bolt came in the opposite direction from my old lock. There was no instruction on how to turn that bolt around and I nearly tried something stupid. With some searching I found a very simple fix, but a one-page note in the box would have saved me a lot of time.

Tyler Marriott

Locks are fine but very expensive to replace. Even locksmiths don't know much about them. Before it was over cost almost $600 to basically fix a stopped gear.

Parts fixed our door

Glad for the fast delivery of parts so we could get our door repaired.Parts worked and everything is good

Michael Daley-crotto
Helpful Resource

Got into quite a bind with an older door in our newer (to us) house, and did not have high hopes in finding the proper mechanisms to fix. Countryside Locks was one of the first results that I landed on when I started a very generalized search on Google, landed on their page, and while initially overwhelmed with options, I quickly found what I was looking for. Decently priced, efficiently shipped, packaged perfectly and in pristine condition. I will be sure to make Countryside Locks my go to source in the future for similar situations.

Brad Shepherd
Excellent experience

I needed a specialty lock and these guys had it. Ordering process was quick and easy and I received my lock quickly. I would recommend them 100%

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