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Buying in Bulk? Call 631-561-5006 for Wholesale!

Hoppe Multipoint Lock 16MM AUTO GEAR, 35/92, ROLLER @ 29.53", 1/2" D/B

Precio original $175.99 - Precio original $175.99
Precio original
$175.99 - $175.99
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Bottom Gear, HLS9000 Two Roller Version, Automatic Locking.  

Faceplate: 5/8"  (16mm),

Backset: 1-3/8" (35mm), 

Deadbolt Throw: .55" (14mm),  

Handle Height: 36" (914mm), 

Bottom Roller Position: 29.53" (750mm) in Down position, 

Maximum Cutoff: 2.36" (60mm),

Number of Screws: 5 

How to Operate Hoppe 3-point Automatic Lock with rollers: 

To Open, Unlock door -

1. Turn Thumb turn to release lever from locked position

2. Push down on lever, this will raise locking rollers

3. Open Door

To Close, Lock Door - 

1. Lift up on Lever to set roller

2. When you hear click, rollers are engaged in up position

3. Close door and rollers will automatically drop down into locked position

4. Turn thumb turn to secure rollers in locked position.  

Change Handing:

1. Insert screw driver into hole behind latch ( latch may be pulled out with fingers )

2. Push latch out

3. Rotate latch 

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